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ALF feeder can be installed where traditional application solutions can not provide a label in a pick-up position.

The label feeder ALF12 provides manufacturing companies with a reasonibly priced feeder solution known as “peeling”. The feeder unit, which was originally developed for production lines in SMD technology, delivers labels and self-adhesive materials to a precise pick-up position. Label sizes are adjustable. Theoretically, any label between 4x4mm and 30x30mm in size can be automatically implemented into the production process, the device can then be adjusted at no additional cost to a different media size. The module also has extensive, yet easy to operate software that contains settings that enable a requirements oriented synchronisation with the production process. Thus allowing parameters such as speed, pickup position, ramp (conveyance acceleration) and various others to be defined. The support takes place fully automatically by means of micro – moving belts and an IR sensor, which also supports transparent materials.

The label feeder ALF12 weighs 1.25 kg, is small in size and takes at an operating voltage of 24V= a maximum current of 0.5A. The module has an available transmission connection in the form of a micro driving pulley with which the removal of the spent liner can be achieved, for example by means of transport roller. During development of the feeder module, precision and process safety were paramount. Some of our feeders have been working for almost two years in a continuous daily production operation with normal SMD production rates.