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Initially started as the first model of a new feeder generation, the ALF14-25 turned out to be the nucleus for a complete series of models.

– ALF14-25

ALF14-25 100x66
Our smallest product is flexible in supporting label material in a range from approx. 5mm*5mm up to 23mm*23mm with a max. liner width of 25mm. This model is a typical candidate to be used in electronic production (click here for the product data sheet).

– ALF14-40

ALF14-40 100x66

This model is based on the design approach of the smaller model ALF14-25. It uses the same software but provides supports for bigger labels up to the size of 23mm * 40mm (length * width). Same as the smaller variant, this model is primarily used in electronic product (click here for the product data sheet).

– ALF14-55

ALF14-55 100x66

ALF14-55 is the biggest model of the ALF14 series. It supports labels up to a size of 55mm * 55mm. By that, it is a product primarely applied to special purpose machinery (click here for the product data sheet)


Despite the small dimensions, ALF14 is a powerful feeder module containing a data interface as well as all the know-how we gained from ALF12 in recent years.

With a pick up height of 50mm for suiting machines with less feeder height than required by our ALF12 model, unit width starting at just 43mm in the feeder magazine (ALF14-25), and providing a fully featured multi-mode control- and monitoring signal interface the ALF is a finely designed product satisfying the needs in daily operation. The models master their job in SMT machines but also special machinery applied in various industries.

Currently following SMT machine adapters are available:

  • FUJI NXT Serien 1,2,3, AIMEX, AIMEX 2, AIMEX 2S)
  • HEEB Inotec
  • Juki Series 2000
  • Siplace D, F, HF, S und X-Serien
  • Yamaha YS12, 12F, 24, 24X, 88, 100, iPulse M10, M20 w/ SS feeder

We are flexible in designing customer-specific adapter solutions for the models ALF14-40 and ALF14-55, please contact our representatives!